Yeshen Venema - Website & Branding

Back in 2012, when Yeshen launched his photography business, we created an original design for the site - and it stood the test of time!

However, two years later, Yeshen's business has moved on and need a fresh look. His work remains focussed in the designer/maker community, so Tash went to work to create a new brand identity that would appeal to his clients.

Social icon design for Yeshen Venema

When Yeshen saw the eventual logo choice, it was no contest:

"I knew that logo was right the moment I saw it, the crispness is offset with a touch of texture (Tash's trademark) where the letters join."

The social icons were created using a marker pen wash to lay beneath the clean icon lines. Another nice touch was the painted divider lines we used for the sidebars.

Logo design for Yeshen Venema

Logo sketch.

The idea for the logo actually came from a marker pen sketch. When Tash saw the colours mixing she was inspired to push the idea further. 

For the site layout, we decided to swich the navigation to the left, so the image galleries could fill the screen out to the right. As the site is fully responsive, the galleries enlarge relative to the screen size.

As Yesh describes, "I'm so pleased with how the site looks across all devices, especially mobile. There's even a custom mobile menu!"

Elsewhere on the site, the clients page was fully updated with a single column list on left, and images with quotes from Yeshen's clients on the right.

Take a look at the finished site:

Home Page for Yeshen Venema

Home Page for Yeshen Venema

The colour scheme and choice of fonts work together seamlessly. This project shows that going the extra mile at the design stage is crucial. It's easy to go with a template layout, but far more effective to create something unique. For example, compare this project with our branding and website work for Crafty Fox Market.

Do you need a fresh look for your portfolio site? We can create a truly personal branding and site package for you - drop us a line to start the conversation.