yesh + tash


An early concept drawing.

An early concept drawing.


Vanitas: young woman holding a phone

The National Gallery London, houses the national collection of Western European painting form the 13th to 19th centuries. Until 2011 the National Gallery had partnered with Central Saint Martins’ animation students to create a film based on one of the paintings from the gallery’s collection. Tash created ‘Vanitas: Young Woman holding a phone’ as part of this programme in 2011.

Tash took inspiration from Frans Hal’s painting, ‘Young Man holding a Skull’, a dutch Vanitas artwork. Following the tradition of the Vanitas, this animation serves as a reminder of the transience of life, a reflection on the superfluous, yet hollow existence our gadgets and modern lifestyle have created for us.

Moving through her daily routine, a young woman navigates, but is disconnected from the world around her. Subjugated by the false friend at her side, her life is devoid of any real contact. Like Hals’ painting, she exists in a loop, caught in a juggling act between life around her and her disconnection from it.

The animation is based on observational drawings from everyday life and uses After Effects to combine traditional hand drawn techniques with digitally composited textures.