yesh + tash



Lizzie Lees

“I am really pleased that I chose Yesh and Tash to help get my website off the ground. I was struggling for years trying to get my website up and running and decided to take the plunge and get some professional help. Yesh’s invaluable knowledge of the Squarespace platform combined with his photography skills have helped to make the whole process a smooth and stress-free one! Great value for money and time well spent. I would recommend Yesh&Tash to any small business person or individual who is looking for a clean and well-designed website which they can eventually learn to manage themselves. Thank you Yesh!”

Lizzie Lees

Lizzie Chambers

“If you have your head in gear and are ready to create a whirl wind website that had the backbone for you to build upon then Yeshen is the calm man for the job! I turned up with passwords to my accounts, content ready to plant and loads of photos and sat and watched Yeshen work super hard. By the end of the day I had everything set up and a few products in my shop and a book full of notes of how to carry on without him. My website is the best thing that I did for my business, a place for my brand to tell my story and an easy place to run my on-line shop which has turned over more sales than my Etsy store in four months! If you have never worked with Yeshen he is calm, knowledgeable, quick and a good eye for details, whom instantly installs confidence in you.”

Lizzie Chambers


Home Front Vintage

"Working with Yesh and Tash was brilliant.  From the first time I contacted Yeshen and we spoke about my thoughts for the new website, through working with them both on the layout and design, to trouble-shooting the final site I always felt like they both 'got' my brand and understood what I wanted - even when I couldn't articulate it!  Tash has done an amazing job of refreshing my logo and I love the custom buttons and artwork on the site. The photographs from Yeshen are in keeping with the feel of the brand and I love they way he has captured the products - they look amazing on the website and the press love them, they have already been featured in a national magazine.  As well as both being incredibly talented they were also a joy to work with, very professional - everything was delivered on time and when they said it would be and my questions were answered quickly so I always felt I knew where we were with the project.  I would definitely work with them both again and would recommend their work to any designer-maker who wants photographs, website or branding which will stand out from the crowd.  Thank you."

Sara Jane Murray, Home Front Vintage

Catherine O Hara

"After deciding my website needed a refresh and clean up I asked Yeshen and Natasha for their help. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, they made it so easy and hassle free and did a great job too! I would be more than happy to highly recommend them to anyone who wanted to upgrade their site as they have excellent taste".

Catherine O'Hara

Sarah Hamilton Prints

'I was extremely proud to recently launch my new site created by Yesh and Tash. Originally I'd only wanted to update my old site but they advised me the Squarespace platform would suit my needs far better. I'm absolutely thrilled with this as it's made an enormous difference to how I use my site. Yesh and Tash have the unique combination of skills, a comprehensive understanding of the technology coupled with a first rate visual sense which is so important to us exacting Artist/ Makers. I simply love the quirky animated bird, fruit and leaf they added for me, which brings the site to life. 

Not only are they both hard working and patient, I also know they were as keen as me to make a wonderful site for my work. I'd highly recommend them to anyone - and have already.

Sarah Hamilton Prints

Shop Reed Clarke

"I had a little trepidation about building a website with someone who was in London, since I live in Los Angeles and the time difference is substantial.  Yeshen was always very timely in getting back to me and I often woke up to find a lengthy email in my inbox addressing all of my myriad questions. He was endlessly patient with my constant questions (I and had a lot since I had never launched a store before or built a website for that matter) and he always replied with step by step screen shots of how to do it myself, along with a link to the SquareSpace tutorials that also addressed my specific questions.  I love that he really wanted to help educate me so that I could be self sufficient and be able to work on my site by myself.  I love being able to add images, products and tweak parts of the site on my own.  It's very satisfying!  I loved Tash's aesthetic decisions and there was really very little back and forth; she pretty much nailed it right away.  I would happily recommend Yeshen and Tash to anyone! They excelled across the board."

Fiona Stiles, Shop Reed Clarke

Ariannas Daily Blog

"I can honestly say it was a great pleasure working with Yesh & Tash. They immediately understood what I was looking for and were real quick on producing the site. I think their price is very reasonable compared to prices that I had previously enquired with other designers."

Arianna Trapani

Crafty Fox Market

"Yesh&Tash did a brilliant job in transforming the Crafty Fox website. They really understood what I was looking for and managed to translate the brief into a great looking website with smooth functionality. Tash came up with fantastic creative design elements and Yeshen took time to teach me how to update and develop the website myself going forward."

Sinead Koehler, Crafty Fox Market

Cole of London Website

“With the help of the tremendous Yeshen Venema, the revamped Cole of London shopfront is easier to manage now. We started with some great images - I knew the style I was after pretty much and Yeshen helped a lot with the lighting and he created some lovely photos.”

Sarah Cole, Cole of London