TEG Intl: logo, branding, animation and website

TEG Intl logo

We're so pleased to finally share this project! Our connection to TEG Intl, a  fashion, development and production house, goes back to November last year.

Founder Jennifer Evans got in touch from California (another west coast client, maybe we should move out to the sun?). She required a new site, blog and re-brand. The business had a great story, international locations and Jennifer herself was always on the road - hence the name 'Voyages' for the blog. 

For the homepage animation (watch below), Tash created a world map and used a sail boat to illustrate TEG's locations in LA, San Francisco, Barcelona and Senegal. 

One key element was the 'Process' illustration, a clear infographic to show how TEG works with their clients. Tash used a blend of hand-drawn and digital techniques to create it, the dress icon appears throughout, joining the dots.

Tash also created icons for many of the pages to illustrate the production processes, from couture to custom-printing.

TEG Process Illustration
TEG Social icons

The custom social icons were another nice touch, we try and offer this to all our clients - it's all in all the details.


For the Voyages Blog, we carried across the same site styles but created a full width banner (below) using some of the illustrations.

One of our most ambitious projects yet - we're very happy with the results. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

View the full sites at: www.tegintl.com and www.tegvoyages.com