Shop Reed Clarke - Website

Following our project with Zoe Fine Jewellery, our third site for a US client was an e-commerce store for the make up artist Fiona Stiles. As one of the top professionals in her field, Fiona has a wealth of experience with the products she uses. She decided to share this knowledge and sell a handpicked selection through her own online shop.

After our initial chat with Fiona it was clear she wanted a very clean, minimal aesthetic. She already had the products shot in a consistent way, crystal sharp on a white background and was also well prepared with the text for the product descriptions and other pages. Her unique product descriptions are a particular strong feature, as she is speaking from direct experience, you trust her words. There’s a lesson here for so many shops with generic text selling their products - tell your story!

We spent time refining the shop categories and navigation, including a separate drop down menu for the brand names. Tash was careful to choose fonts that suited the minimal aesthetic, yet still had a decorative feel. She used a muted colour palette to allow the products to shine and give a soft and clean quality to the site - the result is a beautiful and very functional website.

"I had a little trepidation about building a website with someone who was in London, since I live in Los Angeles and the time difference is substantial.  Yeshen was always very timely in getting back to me and I often woke up to find a lengthy email in my inbox addressing all of my myriad questions. He was endlessly patient with my constant questions (I and had a lot since I had never launched a store before or built a website for that matter) and he always replied with step by step screen shots of how to do it myself, along with a link to the SquareSpace tutorials that also addressed my specific questions.  I love that he really wanted to help educate me so that I could be self sufficient and be able to work on my site by myself.  I love being able to add images, products and tweak parts of the site on my own.  It's very satisfying!  I loved Tash's aesthetic decisions and there was really very little back and forth; she pretty much nailed it right away.  I would happily recommend Yeshen and Tash to anyone! They excelled across the board."
Fiona Stiles, Shop Reed Clarke.