Red Tree Music School: Logo, Illustration & Website Design

We love working with start ups! It’s always really exciting to see what new business ideas these clever individuals have come up with to make their mark on the digital world. Red Tree Music School is a great example of a start up taking full advantage of technology to create a new business model. In this case they bring their music teaching expertise to students located in some of the most remote parts of Australia. Their new service will mean that students who live in rural Australia will have the same opportunity to learn a musical instrument as those who live close to or in cities, providing life-changing opportunities or for some, at least just a bit of temporary fun.

Being from a rural part of Australia, Tash felt very close to the concept. Ideas for the look and the feel of the site flowed freely, and it wasn’t long before the logo and various site illustrations came together to populate the new site. For the colour palette, red ochre colour was a given, considering the iconic rusty hues of the Australian desert-scapes. When creating the logo, Tash looked to capture the idea of growth, learning and the empowerment that education offers through the tree motif, flourishing, with leaves that expand their journey outwards. We’re looking forward to hearing all about the future successes of this budding new music business. Drop by and take a look for yourself here.