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Kilchoman is Islay’s farm distillery, located on the rugged west coast and the first to be built on the Island for 125 years. It is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, still maintaining many of the grass roots traditions of malt distilling.

Kilchoman approached us to produce an animation that illustrated their unique way of making whiskey. With particular reference to their 100% Islay range, where Kilchoman complete every stage of the Whiskey making process on site.

Kilchoman were searching for a look that complimented the rustic nature of their brand. So we came up with a design that featured hand drawn animation at it’s core. Colour was added sparingly for the required elements, with a secondary function to lead the viewer through each stage from barley through to bottling. Sound design and music was created by Robert Ashbridge, bringing the final animation to life.