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Kilchoman Whiskey - large as life

Not long after creating the whiskey animation, Kilchoman got back in touch to see if we could create them a life size head cut out, to be taken around to whiskey shows across the globe. I've seen plenty of these in my time, in different shapes, sizes, colours, and formats - in fact I have one very damning photograph of myself in one that involves two aliens. Having never illustrated one of these before, I thought it would be a good chance to take the portfolio into unchartered waters.

Kilchoman were clear on what they were after, so drawing it up was a relatively quick process. Although because there was no need for faces, I did constantly feel as if I needed to fill them in somehow! Below is the finished illustration, who knows, maybe you'll come across it in real life at a whiskey show someday soon.   

Natasha TonkinComment