yesh + tash


Yesh&Tash: a space to create

We have been in our new live-work studio for a few months now and are at last feeling completely settled in. Every nook and cranny is accounted for, with some tweaks from week to week, as new objects creep in to make a refreshing change.

Being side by side allows us to work with ease on projects together and bounce ideas off each other. Tash does her analogue work on her sturdy and well used animation desk, usually expanding her workspace throughout the entire room when Yesh is away on a shoot.

Here are some snaps we took to give you a peek!

Where the digital magic happens

Tash's vintage animation desk

Keeping it on brand

The occasional iced coffee treat

More materials & props

All under a watchful eye

A treasure trove of materials

Some fake taxidermy

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