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Kilchoman whisky, animated distillation

There's nothing like doing an animation to broaden your knowledge on a specific subject. This time it was all about mash tuns, steeps and wash backs - welcome to the world of whiskey! The brief was from Scottish company Kilchoman, a family run and owned whiskey business located on the island of Islay.

Kilchoman enlightened me with the many steps and processes involved in making a bottle of whiskey. I was even more surprised to learn that they grow some of the wheat for their whiskey on their farm distillery.

Finding ways to demonstrate the whiskey production process in a pictorial form, I looked back to one of my favourite reference books, Harold Wheeler's 'The Miracle of Life'. 

This particular image of the human body illustrated as a machine is fantastic, and prompted me to show the whiskey process in a single shot, moving it's way across the screen. I also love the partly revealed insides, and did the same thing to show the functioning parts of the whiskey machines.

When animating the parts it was much like building my own machine. Each of the sections relied on each other to complete the process - if only it actually made a real bottle of whiskey!

Once I'd completed the animation, I made a separate composition that included all stages of the production process, which could be used as a still image for a 'quick look' at the process.

Check out the finished animation here. And perhaps treat yourself to try a bottle for yourself!