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Eloise Hall Website & Photography

Paper Artist Eloise Hall first approached us for a series of product photography shoots covering her cards, prints and collages. After our first meeting we chatted about her website and decided to work on that project also.

First Yeshen set about shooting the full range of cards, both on a soft grey background for the main web listings followed by a striking lifestyle setup using some simple props and dynamic lighting.

Some of the print and collage work had been shot previously, so we added a few more lifestyle setups to continue the theme and give Eloise a choice of images to use throughout the year.

The style of her work is clean, minimal and very ‘zen’ so we wanted to site to share these themes. Starting with a blank canvas, we built on a simple colour pallet using the blue in her existing logo for link rollover colour and a soft grey for the site borders. The font choice was carefully considered, in the end we chose Open Sans for both the navigation and body - subtle, yet readable. One of the key advantages of the platform we use is we have a tremendous choice of fonts for our sites, no longer limited to the ‘web safe’ fonts anymore.

A key part of the design was the option of a ‘refine your search’ by product category, which we achieved without breaking up the site design.

Eloise was very pleased with results, this site is a good example of the product photography and site design sharing the same feel - because it was undertaken in the same time period.

In addition to the website itself, we ensured Eloise’s email newsletter was designed in Mailchimp to echo the styling and the signup form itself (placed in the site footer) also retained a minimal design. 

It’s crucial to leave time for such extras when planning a project, it’s all in the details!

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