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Crafty Fox Market Website and Illustrations

Crafty Fox Market was formed in 2010 after Sinead Koehler after she noticed “a gaping hole in the trading opportunities for South Londoners”, and has since met ongoing success. Now almost four years on, naturally came the need to upgrade from a simple blogging platform to a stylish new site.

Crafty Fox Market is all about the events themselves, the site is not just another collective or a selling platform, rather a base from which Sinead can promote the markets and engage with it’s followers.

Given Crafty Fox’s credentials, it was essential that the site had a handmade feel to it, so it was a perfect chance for Tash to do a logo revamp and create some illustrations that could be used across the site and other promo materials. As Tash says “mind was bursting with ideas, my desk, drawers and studio surrounds becoming the first stop for inspiration.”

She continues…

“I began my task with the logo design, as this would inform how I would approach rest of the illustrations and overall colour themes used for the site. Two essential elements needed to remain in the logo design, being the font and Jimboart’s charming fox illustration, both very much a central part of the Crafty Fox brand. In previous logo versions the fox and font seemed somewhat disconnected. After experimenting with different layouts I came up with a design where the fox was deservedly central to the logo. I wanted to give a foxy feeling to the typeface itself, so painted some lovely burnt orange textures and added the black pen details to echo fur and scratch marks.

With the logo finished, I moved on to create the remaining illustrations, all largely inspired by creative tools that most likely live in many a crafty studio. The possibilities seemed limitless, and I really enjoyed paying a kind of homage to some of my everyday tools. One of my favourites is the paint roller social media icons, for both its concept and originality.”

We are super happy with this website and the feedback as been brilliant - check it out at: