Artist's statement page

Artist's statement page

Janice Tchalenko trained as a studio potter in the late ‘60s and has been producing beautiful work ever since. However she had never created her own website.

It was a pleasure to work with her on this, visiting her home and hearing stories of her work with Dartington Pottery, Roger Law (of Spitting Image) and more recently Royal Staffordshire in Stoke on Trent. One of the challenges when creating websites for designer/makers and artists is that their work often spans many different areas, so the site needs to work on several levels. 






We chose a template with the 'Index' functionality - in this case 'Om'. This enables each gallery/page within a collection to have a thumbnail image, thereby providing a clear overview for the visitor.

We also utilised the page banner image to lead each page with a beautiful close up detail image of her work. Her works spans over five decades so it was important to present an easy to navigate archive.

This was a very satisfying project, especially as we often work with emerging ceramic designers and Janice is one of their inspirations.

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