Hill and Ellis. Stylish bags for Stylish cyclists!


Catherine got in touch with Yesh&Tash for help refreshing her existing website, as well as working on a whole new and exciting photography gallery. ‘’An English gent, in a bike form’’ is how Catherine, the founder of Hill & Ellis, characterises and describes her unique bike bags. When we met her, we really got a sense of passion, style and craft and these key words really helped sculpt our first drafts and ideas. 

This project was one of the first that introduced Mel, a Central St Martins design graduate.  When designing the Logo, Mel was really interested in the dualities that reside within the brand. Such as, the traditional aesthetic and craft versus the contemporary and urban functionality. Her two parents whose name inspired the brand, the two wheels of a bicycle and the dual use of the bag itself. Thus the Logo became a stylish balance between the two letters of the brand name. It was important to portray a sense of  simplicity, movement and detail.

Yeshen spent the shoot days on location with Catherine, her lovely models, the vibrant bags and the undisputedly handsome bicycle; Huxley. Yeshen sought out to capture the classic, elegantly designed bags in new and contemporary settings around the eclectic city of London. 

Catherine’s ethos and her desire to create a stylish bike accessory were our main focus and force when working on the project. The bags are sophisticated, practical and striking and we aimed to portray that through the web design. The chic photographs merged perfectly with the sleek logo to create an up-to-date and inviting online space.

Check out the website here and picture yourself riding though the city, taking in the sights, with a bold red leather ‘’Bertie’’ bag attached to your pannier rack, feeling and looking like the ultimate stylish cyclist.