Esther Coombs Website by Yesh&Tash

We met Esther through our friends Piers and Alex at WeMakeWebsites. She needed a clean and simple portfolio site to showcase her illustration work - perfect for Squarespace!

What we love about this platform is how simple it is for our clients to understand and use,. We can hand it over and be confident they can update it in future.. There are no plugins, updates or coding add-ons here (unlike some other web platforms we won't mention).

"Yeshen and Tash were wonderful to work with, the process was easily explained and the basics of using my site, building the frame work and a lesson in adding content was done all in one day with the Tash styling effect done after this event... a seemless, friendly and highly effective process. i love my new site. Thank you."

Check out the site and browse her work at: