yesh + tash


CycleCities Animated Film. Commissioned by The London Borough of Merton as a project partner in the European project “European cities for integrating cycling within sustainable mobility management schemes (CycleCities).



The CycleCities animated film was commissioned by the London Borough of Merton as a project partner in the European CycleCities scheme. The task at hand was to create a short animation that would engage a European audience to the benefits of cycling.

Our answer to the brief was the story of an unhealthy man, George, who hypnotised by his routine, is transformed, kicking off a chain reaction amongst other car users.

The lead character, George, was designed as an ‘everyman’, who could come from any of the partner cities (Piraeus, Lisbon, Genoa, Gorenjska, Gdansk, Leipzig or London). Middle-aged, slightly overweight with an average job, our character was soft, rounded and likeable. We saw this character type as one of the hardest to reach, but felt he would be an inspiration to others. Everyone has a family member, friend or work colleague similar to this chap.

The animation technique used was 2D hand-drawn. Painted textures were used to colour figures, objects and backgrounds. Tash was responsible for writing, directing and animating. Yesh was the producer, and lent his hand in writing the story, plus assisted with a very large amount of colouring, which Tash could not have done alone!

The original score and sound were created by Robert Ashbridge. Who worked with us from the early stages of the film’s development to build a fitting soundscape.

Cyclecities was Funded by the INTERREG IVC interregional cooperation programme, financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Also funded by Transport for London, under the Biking Borough programme.