Blu Salt - Website and Photography

Our first project in the USA! Although we have since produced several websites for clients in the US, we were pleasantly surprised to to hear from Rohini Shah earlier in 2014. She was planning the launch of her new brand ‘Blu Salt’ featuring a ladies clutch and purse, designed for the needs of the modern, professional woman.

Rohini was based in Pittsburgh, so regular Skype calls ensured we stayed in close contact throughout the planning and build of the site. We provided a full creative service, with Yeshen taking on the product photography alongside the web build and Tash producing some wonderful stop-motion animations.

The website was designed to showcase just two products and take pre-orders, so we chose a vertically scrolling layout. Starting with the two stop motion films at the top to immediately introduce the products, the reader then scrolls down to discover the features and the story behind the brand.

Yeshen created specific shots to highlight the form, function of the products, we even took them to Paris for the weekend and got some lifestyle shots on the road.

This was another satisfying project for us, Rohini was a pleasure to work with and we wish her much success as her business grows. Check out the site at:

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