yesh + tash

All Aboard

All Aboard: An Animation for Yesh&Tash

Here’s a short animation that Tash created in part as a promotional film for Yesh&Tash. The design is based on her hometown in Darwin, reflecting the tropical surroundings and laid-back atmosphere. The brightly coloured scrub fowls are found in almost every Territory backyard. They are well known for their mound-building abilities, loved and loathed depending on how tidy one prefers to keep their garden.

Many of the illustrated and animated elements were painted with acrylic and/or drawn with a silver pen. All colouring and compositing was done in the computer. The music we have featured is ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole, which fits perfectly with the overall tropical tone and slow pacing of the film. We hope you enjoy the film!