Yeshen Venema and Natasha Tonkin 

Sprung from the tropical city of Darwin, situated at the tip of 'Top End', Australia, Natasha grew up far from the reaches of mainstream influences. The untamed surroundings, inspired a childhood full of experimentation and hands-on creative development. A prolific storyteller, Natasha uses a combination of 2D hand drawn techniques, merging brush, pen and pixel to create engaging visual narratives.
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Born in a secluded Somerset valley, over the years Yeshen’s worn many hats, including DJ, photographer and festival manager. His work took him around Europe, but East London remained a touchstone, and throughout, a camera has not left his hands. From 35mm to digital, Yeshen has developed a unique eye for natural light and an intuitive sense of composition. He draws on his love for film and visual storytelling to ensure the vision for each project is realised.
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Now, firmly based in our London N1 studio, our projects always have a personal touch, be-it a website for a designer/maker, a promo video for a tech startup or a poster for a theatre company.

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