1927 Theatre Poster Design

1927 is an award-winning theatre company that mixes live music, storytelling and performance with animation. Tash had worked with them closely throughout 2011/12 creating animation for their production of the Zauberflöte at the Kömische Oper Berlin. With a new run of shows and an all new cast, 1927 needed a re-design a flyer and poster for their production of The Animals and Children Took to the Streets. Armed with a couple of versions of previous posters, Tash drew inspiration from the German Expressionism that oozed from the show. It had only been a few weeks earlier in January, when we had gone to see it at The National Theatre, so it was still fresh to mind. 

Using illustrations Paul from 1927 had provided, Tash gave the wolves that featured during the show an intimidating shadow, reminiscent of German Expressionism and scattered the little ‘Evie’s’ across the design, just as lawlessly as they had been in the show. And without another look they crept their way onto the back of the flyer!